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This is our philosophy: we plan, organise and carry out laboratory tests required by the law in order to guarantee constant material quality to our customers. This way, you can focus on developing your business while avoiding unpleasant surprises and unexpected events. Our partners are companies operating in the mining sector or working with aggregates and stones for building industry. Thanks to our fully equipped laboratory in our premises and to our mobile test lab unit, our highly skilled professionals and a long-standing experience in this sector, we can support you throughout the whole process.

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Material certification

We have a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified test laboratory where we can carry out all tests required by harmonised standards in this sector. Our lab is also equipped with sampling tools for different materials in line with the specific sampling standards.





Hydraulically bound cement blends

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Quality program and consultancy

Quality is something you build day by day. It is related to many aspects and assessments to be done beforehand, during and after the test stage. This is why we offer consultancy and planning services to foster your company’s growth.





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Global approach

We carry out tests on materials extracted all over the 5 continents. There are no geographic boundaries or distance limits between our clients and us. Our delivery and communication solutions make it possible for us to meet requests from any country in the world.

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